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he has that mug i can feel it


he has that mug i can feel it

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Welcome to Rapture

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Aren’t you worried I could turn into Max or something?

Nope. No way. You know why?

No. Why?

Cause you got one advantage Max didn’t have…Me.

Sam’s storyline has (had) the potential to fulfill the Oedipal myth.

The show goes to lengths to paralell Sam and Max in Nightmare. It’ the first time we’re introduced to another “psychic” kid, so Sam, as soon as he finds this information out, initially says “I guess because we’re so alike?” to explain why he’s having visions about Max.  At the end of the episode Sam says he and Max, personality wise, could have been very different, if not for having different fathers as the only reason. 

He is wrong.

Or partially wrong.

Max’s mother dies in a nursery fire, like Mary. Check.

Max gets a step mother

Sam gets Dean

Max’s step mother fails to protect him from his father’s abuse

Dean is the main and only mediator between Sam and John’s fights and will shove himself between them or even breach the veil of ghosthood to move objects in order to stop their arguments.

So where John was not as bad a father as he could have been, Sam still had a replacement “mother” figure. Sam may not have known what it’s like to have a mother, but he knows what it’s like to have Dean, and Dean, when parenting, imitates Mary (because imitating John would mean giving a child a shotgun, and Dean sheltered Sam as much as possible).

So it’s fine that Dean can replace Sam’s mother, that’s a canon parallel. John admits that after hunts he was barely functional and Dean ended up comforting him too.  (That kind of awkward moment when your son is doing what your wife did)

But then what about the second main paralell: Dean is to Sam as Mary is to John. That is, their deaths are the catalysts for John and Sam’s obsessive behaviors, their focus and drive for vengeance. Bobby even notes on it

Sam: Once I figured out I couldn’t save you, I started hunting down Lilith, trying to get some payback.

Bobby: All by yourself. Who do you think you are, your old man? -Lazarus Rising

And, similar to Mary, Dean sells his soul/makes a deal with a demon to bring Sam back from the dead.

The Nightmare episode also brought to light that patricide may have been a distinct thought or possibility in Sam’s future (if Dean had not intervened in their many alluded fights)

Which means, bringing this back to the Oedipal myth, that Sam could have very well ended up killing John  while maintaining his relationship with the mother figure in his life, that of a “psychotically irrationally,erotically codependent” nature. Kill the father marry the mother. 

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Friend sent @AlainaHuffman fanfic from tumblr. Alaina: you guys, it was porn! And Dean had pink panties on! #hellyeah #chicon 




sesame street boys


sesame street boys

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